Floral Editorial

Stylized Shoot
Inspired by the story of a bride playing in the flower shop.

It was so lovely meeting with you today! It was great to chat, thank-you so much for your ideas and collaborating, I think saying everything outlaid helped kind of solidify it all in my mind and kind of guide the vision in a more concrete direction.

THE STORY: A bride playing in the flower shop. 

MEANING: Something unique & new. Something different than the normal NS white bright ocean/trees

FEELINGS: Natural, ethereal, Sunday morning slow. 

EDITORIAL: Telling the story through gentle direction and playfulness. Not too stiff or overly posed. Interactions between the bride and the space and the flowers. 

LIGHT: Light from the windows and light leaks (Anni Graham). Moodier feel in the back with the darker wall. 

AESTHETIC: Not too perfect. Eclectic. Messy curls. Flowers in hair, head piece, veil or sash of flowers. 

I wanted to create